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Kill crew was formed to introduce original designs to the fitness community, where minimalism always seems to be the norm. Besides finding ways to make profit for its shareholders, it also invests in good causes by putting its money out there. There is continued growth and diversification in the Kill Crew community. We can always find common ground and push forward in our physical and mental struggles, regardless of our different races, religions, socioeconomic classes, political views, and athletic backgrounds. There will be another record sales year. In the gym and MMA industry, Kill Crew is gaining traction. The company grossed 10 million dollars in 2020, and is projected to grow to 30 million by 2022. Mental health awareness is one reason behind Kill Crew’s rapid success.
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Numerous brands are competing for your attention in the world of fashion. Kill Crew is one brand that has drawn a lot of interest.

Colton Dobson and Marco Passaquindici


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Profits and investor enrichment are the main goals of businesses. It is common for entrepreneurs to focus on bagging more than they give out. In addition to making a profit, businesses should benefit the community. A few companies are giving back. This includes Kill Crew. In 2020, Colton Dobson and Marco Passaquindici founded Los Angeles-based Kill Crew. Recent growth has been significant for this relatively new company. Part of its mission is to raise mental health awareness. The company kills negativity, gaining 335,00 followers on Instagram, a number that is increasing.

Clothing brand Kill Crew does more. It promotes mental and physical health and gives back to the community. We are planning to open a gym with all the facilities you would expect. It will be open to its customers free of charge while offering free mental health services. It’s been a busy year for Kill Crew. In addition to donating funds, it has donated clothing to homeless veteran organizations. Celebrities and athletes wear the brand. Among the big names who have worn the brand are Travie McCoy (musician), Nick Diaz (MMA), Kelly Oubre Jr. (NBA Hornets), and Taylor Holder (actor/influencer). Fashion with aesthetic appeal and mental and physical health remain a priority.